Sunday, April 05, 2015

The Scorch Trials .... Completed

I completed reading The Scorch Trials by James Dashner I am really glad. Something were a little confusing especially at the end and I keep asking myself why they keep doing these horrible things to these kids and what is the big purpose they need to achive of this, if there is any actually. Other than confusing, they story is interesting and I find it very hard to stop reading as I feel the need to know more and more and what will happen next.

I really don't know if the movie is going to follow the second group thinni or just predict something else to continue the story with. I hope they don't change many things and events. I wish to see more characters in the movie like Brenda the beautiful weird girl and Aris the mysterious boy along with Sonya and Harriet from group B. Who knows, maybe the will do great job in producing the The Scorch Trials Movie ^_^

I believe the movie will be released next September 2015. I am waiting to see it.

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