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Islam FAQs - Part 5

Does Allah look like us?
No Allah is perfect. He is not like any of His creation. He has told us that He has Hands, Eyes, a Face, and Foot. But all of these attributes are befitting to His might and Glory.
A Muslim does not say a single thing about Allah other than what Allah says about Himself. We don't say He is like a clover, He got tired, He is Jealous!

Allah is Perfect, and Unique.

What does it mean to believe in Allah?

  • It means to believe in Allah in total perfection, and uniqueness.

  • It means to believe in His prophets cause they are His, and He sent them. We cannot pick and choose. A Muslim must believe in all the prophets of Allah.

  • It means to believe in the Angles! We must love them all, we cannot hate an Angel say, for example, to hate Michael who is charged with rain, and the vegetation of the Earth, or Gabriel who is charged with revelation (brings down the scriptures to the prophets).

  • It means to believe in Allah's predestination of good, and bad (relative to us, but to Allah everything Allah does is good).

  • It means to believe in the last day: The day of Judgment.

When is the Day of Judgment?
Only Allah knows.

Are there signs for the day of Judgment?
Plenty, plenty, plenty. Many have already occurred.
To name a few,

  • Objects will begin to talk.

  • There will be much killing. The killer won't know why he killed, and the guy that was killed won't know why he was killed.

  • The Antichrist will come.

  • Prophet Jesus son of Mary will return.

  • Gog and Magog will be set free.

  • The sun will rise from the west (after this one there can be no more repentance)


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Great Loss...

My Granma is dead. Her last day in life was on Sunday 25 of September 2011.
May Allah have mercy upon her soul.