Sunday, November 04, 2007

Adobe Captivate 3 Course

I didn’t write in my blog anything for along time, because many things had happen and I really was busy.

Recently, I took course about Adobe Captivate 3. It is a course about developing e-learning content and methods. Also, it is helpful in software implementation and training. If you have software and you want to make a step by step tutorial in how to use it, you can use Adobe Captivate 3 to do this job. Adobe Captivate gives the ability to make video tutorials that help the users understand the functions of the software and how to use it.

Adobe Captivate 3 makes life easier in creating tutorials and training users. It reduces time and effort. I really enjoyed the course and I feel that I learned something new and interested in. and it was the best week in my hole life ^_^.