Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Child's Play 2

Yeah some of you may know it and watched it ^_^. Child's Play 2 is one of my favorite classic horror movies that was released on 1990. It is the second movie on the Child's Play sequel. I watch it yesterday and I enjoyed it. The funny thing is that I keep laughing when a horror moment come rather than being scared LOOOOL it is really strange how a human get used to scary things that makes it challenging for horror movies producers. They have to be creative and come with a new ideas to scare the viewers =D

Anyway, the movie is about a doll named Chucky continues stalking a kid named Andy, who stays with a foster parents because his mother was taken to a mental hospital due what happened in the previous movie, to possesses him. Chucky needs to do that so his soul will not get stuck in a doll body forever. Andy will get help from a teenage girl named Kyle, who lives in the same foster house, to get away from Chucky.

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