Sunday, June 28, 2015

Remember Me - PS3

I bought this game 1 year ago or more and never played it till recently, I was surprised that I really enjoyed it. This game is really interesting. I like the graphics, game play control, and game style. I was surprised about the game rating I think it should be given a higher score. I just reached episode 5 in the game and I can't stop playing it. Actually, I am playing on daily bases ^_^

Ramadan Kareem

Ramadan Kareem to everyone, I have not post anything for the past days as I was very busy at my work having implementation project in Al Wakra Hospital. This was very tiring work especially during the Holy month of Ramadan fasting and working hard. Anyway, the project is done successfully thank God.

Life in Ramadan changes in many ways, because we fast from dawn to sunset spending the time in praying, reading the holy Quran, feeding the poor, and doing all good deeds. This month is the month of blessing and forgiveness. This doesn't mean to be evil on the other months no no no. The good person is good all the time.

The Holy Quran rather talks about the reward of fasting and there are verses which general meaning infers that those who obey Allah will be saved from Hell, and fasting is a form of obeying Allah. We will leave the verses that talk about the reward to the section related to Paradise. However, the Ahadith of our beloved Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h.) are clear in this regard:

Abu Sa'eed al-Khudri reported that the Messenger of Allah, said: "No servant fasts on a day in the path of Allah except that Allah removes the Hell Fire seventy years further away from his face." (Bukhari and Muslim) (, 2015)

Monday, June 08, 2015

Home Library

During my vacation, my family and I transferred the old library books from my sister's room to a new room to be the new library room in our house. The purpose was that my sister doesn't want the books in her room anymore and to have a library room where you can find quiet and comfortable place to read your favorite books. It is also a chance to go through these very old books. I was very glad to have an official library in my house ^_^ so I enjoyed working and arranging the books. Also, I asked my little brother to bring his own books and arrange them for him in the library in a lower shelf. Then, I added my old sister's speakers to the library in case I wanted to listen to music and read at the same time, which is more relaxing and interesting. My mother and father added their own stereo music player to the library as well which can play old cassettes and CDs  along with FM radio.

It took a day or so to complete the work in the library and I was really proud. I usually use the library room to read my book rather than reading at my room. My little brother likes to read at the library as well. In my opinion, it is really important to have a library room in every house or at least a big bookshelf with a lots of books. 

Sunday, June 07, 2015

On Vacation

It's been so long since the last time I blogged, I was on vacation. I didn't travel or go anywhere. I spent it at home reading books, watching movies. and going out with my brother or friends. I had a good relaxing time away from work. Today I am back on duty :) and I feel relaxed and refreshed. I will start blogging soon ^_^