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Islam FAQs - Part 3

Do bad things happen to the believers (good people)?
Yes, they do. But they appear bad to the believers cause they are things people don't like. Who likes breaking a leg? However, when a bad thing happens to a believer this believer is patient. He praises Allah in all circumstances. He knows Allah does not decree something unless it is for his own good.

But how can breaking a leg are good for a beleiver?
Because it is a chance for the believer to think about what he did wrong.

Also because Allah forgives much of what we do, but those things we are not forgiven, they are forgiven due to our patience when we are struck by a calamity. Allah gives us better reward when a problem strikes us on earth if we are patient. This reward can be on earth, and it can be in Heaven.

Does Allah hear my prayers?

Does Allah answer my prayers?
We know that Allah answers all the prayers of the believers. This can be in 4 ways:

1- Get what we are asking for!

2- Get something as good or better!

3- We get spared something bad that would have happened otherwise.

4- We get rewarded on the day of Judgment with a much greater reward than what we were asking for on earth.

When does Allah not answer our prayers?
* When it is bad for us!

* When we ask, but not from our heart!

* When we say: I asked and asked and He did not answer.

* When we eat, drink, and wear unlawful, food, and clothes, and property that wa earned either through interest from the bank, or that was stolen, or if the food was pork, or the like.


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So Lost.. So Alone...

You will find your way...

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Candy Corn

This is a cool science video I found in Science Friday website and I wanted to share it in my blog... You want to see how candy corn acts in space, watch this>>