Thursday, January 26, 2012

Engagement Day

Today is my sister's, W., Engagement day! We are all happy and we have been preparing for this occasion for weeks. I hope everything go well. Congratulation little sister. I wish you a happy and blessing life dear.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Books Read on 2011

I didn't read many books during the past year because I was busy studying and preparing for the SAT exam. I was working from 7 to 3 then I go to the training center to attend the SAT course from 4 to 6. After that, I reach home at 6:30. So I spent the rest of my time with my family then I go to bed. So, I was reading on weekends sometimes.

Any ways, these are what I read during 2011:

National Geographic - January 2011

The Soul Collectors - by Chris Mooney

Sister - by Rosamund Lupton

National Geographic - April 2011

Don't Give Up - by Paul Hanna

Arabic Book (سنابل الحكمة لرضا ديب عواضة)

National Geographic - February 2011

Arabic book (اعظم احداث العالم )

7 development projects for microsoft office sharepoint server 2007

Arabic Book (موجز تاريخ العالم)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Sid the Science Kid

Another cool website for your precious children to learn and play. If they are watching Sid the Science Kid on TV, I am sure they will enjoy it. The website offers games, videos, and color printes. If you are interested, pleae click here.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Umm Shabram

This is a photo from my last trip to Umm Shabram in Qatar during this winter.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Islam FAQs - Part 6

What about non-Muslims do they go to heaven?
Allah only accepts Islam. He says in the Quran: "Whoever seeks a religion other than Islam it won't be accepted of him, and he will be one of the losers in the hereafter". I would rather lose anywhere, but not lose in the hereafter. This is because Hellfire is eternal. It never ends, and we never die when we go there, if we go there.

What about someone who never heard of Islam?
Allah is the most just. Don't even think that we can be nicer than Allah. Allah is the Most Just, and He said in the Quran "We were not to punish till having sent a warner". The "We" here is the majestic we used in Arabic. So if a person never heard about Islam, and was never warned clearly Allah would have a special test for that person that He knows is equal to the chance that person would have had on earth.

How do we know Islam is the truth?
It is the only religion that:

1- Hold Allah as One, Unique, and Perfect.

2- A lonly worship of Allah, not Jesus, not an idol, and not an angel only Allah.

3- The Quran does not contain contradictions.

4- The Quran contains scientific facts, which are 1300 years ahead of their time. The Quran while revealed 1400 years ago contains scientific facts, which are only now being discovered. It is not in contradiction to science.

5- Allah challenges the world to produce the like of the Quran. And He says they won't be able to.

6- Prophet Mohammed was the most influential man in History. Even a non-Muslim wrote a book called the 100 most influential men in History, and Prophet Mohammed was #1. Prophet Jesus was #3. Note even Prophet Jesus was a prophet sent by Allah. Would Allah allow a false prophet to be so successful? No. Even the Bible says this in Deuteronomy 18:19. A false prophet would die!!! Yet Prophet Mohammed did not die till he completely conveyed, and taught Allah's religion.

7- He had many prophecies, and all of his prophecies have come true, or are still coming true.