Saturday, March 28, 2009

Eat Healthy Food From Fast Food Restaurants

You know, in our busy life we don’t find time to cook and prepare healthy meal for our selves. I was trying to eat healthy at work break hour, but it is really difficult for me to wake up early at the morning and prepare a healthy meal for work. Also, when I get back home I am so tired to cook something for lunch. So, I eat fast food most of the times and this is really bad for my health because of the fat and calories.

I start to search in the Internet looking for information about healthy food in fast food restaurants and I found some info that I want to share it with you readers ^___^

The following is not the Healthiest food… No, but it is a Healthier fast food choice:
Try some of the fast foods listed below when your on the go.

• Baked Potato, Plain
• Grilled Chicken Caeser
• Light Grilled Chicken
• Light Roast Chicken Deluxe
• Light Roast Turkey Deluxe
• Roast Chicken Salad
• Grilled Chicken Salad
• Garden Salad
• Side Salad

• Blimpie® Best Sub, 6" on white
• Best Sub, 6" on wheat
• Club Sub, 6" on white
• Club Sub, 6" on wheat
• Ham & Swiss, 6" on white
• Turkey Sub, 6" on white
• Turkey Sub, 6" on wheat
• Roast Beef, 6" on white
• Roast Beef, 6" on wheat
• Grilled Chicken Hot Sub
• Smokey Chedder Beef Melt Hot Sub
• Roast Turkey Cordon Blue Hot Sub
• Chick Max on White
• Grille Max on White
• Vegi Max on White
• Mexi Max on White
• Blimpie

Burger King®
• BK Broiler Chicken Sandwich
• Frozen Yogurt, Vanilla
• Frozen Yogurt, Chocolate
• Salad, Chunky Chicken
• Side Salad

Carl's Jr.®
• Hamburger
• Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich
• Charbroiled Chicken Salad-to-go

• Chargrilled Chicken Sandwich
• Chargrilled Chicken Club Sandwich
• Hearty Breast of Chicken Soup
• Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad
• Spicy Chicken Cool Wrap
• Chargrilled Chicken Cool Wrap

Dairy Queen/Brazier®
• Grilled Chicken Sandwich

Dominoe's Pizza®
• Hand-tossed (cheese only), 12" med, 2 sl.
• Hand-tossed (cheese only), 14" lg, 2 sl

Dunkin' Donuts®
• Reduced Fat Blueberry Muffin
• Bagel, Cinnamon 'N Raisin
• Bagel, Everything
• Bagel, Garlic
• Bagel, Onion

• Hot Ham 'N' Cheese Sandwich
• Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy

Jack In The Box®
• Hamburger
• Chicken Fajita Pita

Kenny Roger's Roasters®
• Baked Sweet Potato, 9 oz
• BBQ Chicken Pita
• 1/4 Chicken, white w/o skin
• 1/2 Chicken, w/o skin
• Chicken Caesar Salad, w/o dressing, 9.4 oz
• Cinnamon Apples, 5.27 oz
• Corn on the Cob, 2.25 oz
• Fat Free Italian Dressing, 2.47 oz
• Honey Baked Beans, 5 oz
• Macaroni & Cheese, 5.52 oz
• Rice Pilaf, 5 oz
• Roasted Chicken Salad, 9.4 oz
• Side Salad, 4.73 oz
• Sliced Turkey Breast, 4.5 oz
• Soup, Chicken Noodle, cup, 6 oz
• Soup, Chicken Noodle, bowl, 10 oz
• Steamed Vegetables, 4.25 oz
• Sweet Corn Niblets, 5 oz
• Tomato Cucumber Salad, 6 oz.

• Original Recipe, Whole Wing
• Origninal Recipe, Drumstick
• Original Recipe, Thigh
• Extra Crispy, Whole Wing
• Extra Crispy, Drumstick
• Hot & Spicy, Whole Wing
• Hot & Spicy, Drumstick
• Original Recipe Sandwich without sauce
• Triple Crunch Sandwich without sauce
• Triple Crunch Zinger Sandwich without sauce
• Tender Roast Sandwich with sauce
• Tender Roast Sandwich without sauce
• Honey BBQ Flavored Sandwich
• Colonels Crispy Strips, 3 pcs
• Spicy Crispy Strips, 3 pcs
• Honey BBQ Strips, 3 pcs
• Blazin Strips, 3 pcs
• Mashed Potatoes w/Gravy
• Potato Wedges
• Macaroni and Cheese
• Corn on the Cob
• BBQ Baked Beans
• Cole Slaw

Long John Silver's®
• Lemon Crumb Fish, a-la-carte
• Corn Cobette without butter
• Rice
• Ocean Chef Salad
• Grilled Chicken Salad
• Garden Salad
• Side Salad

• English Muffin
• Chicken McGrill w/o mayo
• Hamburger

*without cheese
• 6" Steak & Cheese
• 6" Honey Mustard Turkey with Cucumber
• *6" Ham Sub
• *6" Roast Beef
• *6" Roasted Chicken Breast
• *6" Subway Club®
• *6" Turkey Breast
• *6" Turkey Breast with Ham
• *6" Veggie Delight

Taco Bell®
• Bean Burrito
• Grilled Chicken Burrito

• Jr. Hamburger
• Grilled Chicken Sandwich
• Chili, large
• Chili, small
• Baked Potato, Plain
• Baked Potato, Broccoli & Cheese
• Baked Potato, Sour Cream & Chives

I hope you find this information useful ^__^ and don't forget, Always Eat Healthy Food.
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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Doha Corniche - Qatar

Is one of the most beautiful places in Qatar where you can sit or walk with your family or friends. Also, it is a great place for photography practicing. You can see many people there specially on the weekend when the weather is cool. Some people are walking or exercising and running. Other are just setting and enjoying the view of the sea.

I remember one day, I got up early morning and left home just to capture a photo of sunrise at the Corniche and it was really beautiful experience. I will share the photo with you soon at my flickr ^__^. Sunrise is really gorgeous and charming.

It is a nice place to visit if you are coming to Qatar.
This photo was taken by me when I was there with my family on the weekend.