Sunday, December 13, 2015

Seagate 6TB 128MB Cache Desktop HDD Hard Drive - PC Upgrade

Yeah... I upgraded my Gaming/Editing PC the one I built as a birthday present last September. When I first built it, I just built it with a Samsung 250 GB SSD to store my OS and other applications, but I needed more space for my videos and games which really need more and more space. So, I decided to go for a big storage HDD and I was really vacillated between going for a 3TB HDD or 6TB HDD... ao I thought for the long term I will go for the 6TB even if it is more expensive. Of Course I read many reviews about many different HDDs before choosing one. I waited for Black Friday and I bought it for $199.99 which is a very good price in my opinion.

I received it yesterday and I plug it to my PC and formatted along with the Allocation process to create two partitions; one for videos and the other for games. I transferred all my videos to the videos partition and I was really relieved and happy for the plenty I space I got ^_^

Now I can work on the videos without worrying about space.

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