Thursday, December 31, 2015

Another Year is Ending...

Yeah.. as another year is ending and another is starting... people are going to celebrate all over the world and I really still don't understand the point or the purpose >_<

Anyway, forget about this celebration... and let's talk about some other things... I was suppose to read more books this year, but instead I read less and watched more movies and TV shows (^_^') .. yeah I know that might look like a loser for bookworms, but Hey! I just got one life and many many things  to do and I try to enjoy everything starting from books reading to watch movies and TV shows, Playing video games, hangout with family and friends,  keeping up with the world news and disasters, and WORK for 40 hours a week =) .. I've got to earn my living ... so of course work is a very important part of my life... without work I won't be able to do most of my life entertainments activities... okay things are getting boring here...

Things needs to get organized and I need to put plan... to keep track on my achievements during a year... My biggest achievement in 2015 was to lose 16Kgs and I am really proud of myself.  I feel lighter, healthier and stronger ^_^ and of course HAPPY. I plan to lose more... Yes I used to be fat my whole life and I am glad to change that forever. I changed my lifestyle and food diet and plan to keep it like that.

Okay, every year I plan to read more books than the year before, but I failed this year to do so... I just don't like to push myself to hard and enjoy every book. Also, I read other stuff sometimes... like comics and blogs... yes these don't count but it is still reading ^_^ YES I AM DEFENDING MYSELF and in the end it is my life ^_^ ... okay okay .. I will work harder and read more on 2016... hopefully I would succeed in the 2016 challenge.

Yes of course.. what were you thinking? 2016 without Movies and TV Show! no way... I have got a waiting list to complete in 2016 ^_^ many movies and much more TV shows to enjoy with my family and friends.  and I will write about them in my blog soon and they are not specifically released on 2016. First TV show would be Colony (2016)

Starring Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies and they are my favorite actors ^_^ Josh Holloway from LOST (2004) and Sarah Wayne Callies from Prison Break (2005) they were great and it is nice to see them together in one TV show ^_^. I watched the trailer and I am excited to see the show.

Okay thats enough for now... hope the coming year would be better than 2015 and the financial crisis would be solved soon.

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