Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Office New PCs Sucks

I requested a new PC at my work as my current one got old and slow and the hard desk is not able to hold more data and applications... So, I recieved it last week and it was installed at my office by the workshop guys. The New PC works on Windows 7 64bit with a 500 GB hard disk and 8 GB RAM... everything seems good so far... until I started using it :(

Yes it sucks... because the image the workshop people used to install and configure my new PC is bad image... as the Windows not genuine message keeps showing up along with other issues concerning running in housed 32bit applications and important tools that i need to use in order to get my work done... anyway no one from the helpdesk seems able to know how to solve this issues... and the usual most used sucking solution was suggested which is format the PC and install a new image from the beginning...

I spent two weeks trying to solve this stupid issues and problems but no use... the help desk sent someone to my office and was not able to solve it... and he kept making multiple  calls to get support from his colleagues and no one seems to remember the solution to this problem!!!!! OH MY GOD this really sucks....

What I really think I am going to do... I am going to install my precious beautiful working perfectly old PC and dump this fault one ... yes I am really upset and angry :(

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