Thursday, May 21, 2015

Tomorrow, Mother will not be here - Japanese Drama

Ashita, Mama ga Inai (2014), in Japanese, This drama is really cool about a mother who dumped her little girl in a children's orphanage to get forward with her live and get married. This is really cruel >_<. Then the story continues showing how the little girl live with the other kids in the orphanage house. It is a comedy and sad series and the kids are really cute. I like to watch something new and different away from love and romance because most shows are about love and I am bored of love series :-D

"Tomorrow, Mom Won't Be Here" follows children who are separated from their parents for various reasons and must now stay at an orphanage. Despite strict rules at the orphanage and the cold stares the children receive from people, they are able to live their lives bravely. The orphans include Posuto (Mana Ashida) who carries a strong presence and Maki (Rio Suzuki) who is temporally confined there." (, 2015)


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