Tuesday, May 19, 2015

It's been awhile

It's been awhile since I post anything in my blog. actually I was attending a mandatory training course of my career path plan and I was really busy to post anything. The training course was about Supervisory Skills Development which prepares me to be a leader or a supervisor. The course was really enjoyable and helpful. I learn many things such as: being positive all the time, be the person who spread happiness between people around me, work for bigger goals rather than personal goals (Qatar vision 2030), being a puzzle piece of a huge picture that complete the picture perfectly by being active and participant in achieving Qatar 2030 plans and goals, being the beautiful flower that was put in a an ugly place... and the flower made this place prettier because the flower is pretty, and always be the "Initiator" always go for it don't wait for it. Be the "Trigger". Also, being a part of a team, have team spirit, believe in the team leader and take his side, because we are a team working for bigger purposes and completing a bigger picture.

Who doesn't know Qatar 2030 vision, doesn't deserve to live on Qatar's land.

Use positive words in speaking, positive thoughts when thinking, positive response when replying.

Taking this training course with Dr. Haya changed many things in my personality and the way of thinking... I need to take her courses occasionally ^_^
Thank you Dr. Haya...

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