Monday, August 10, 2015

Silent Hill HD Collection - Videogame

During Eid vacation, I revisited Silent Hill 2 and 3 by playing Silent Hill HD Collection on Playstation 3... it is a new version of the two games but in enhanced graphics. I love Silent Hill series and I am playing every game of it. My favorite is Silent Hill 3 maybe because the main character is a female ^_^

I know that the game is too dark and gloomy but it is really scary ^_^ of course it is scary because it is a survival horror game. Silent Hill 2 was about a man called James Sunderland who receives a letter from his already died wife and she mentioned to him that she is waiting for him in Silent Hill, so he go to Silent Hill to look for her and thats when the adventure starts.

Silent Hill 3 is about a girl named Heather Mason. she is the same girl from Silent Hill 1 that Harry Mason was looking for her. Yes she is his daughter and in Silent Hill 3 it is her adventure.

"Silent Hill 2 (サイレントヒル 2 Sairento Hiru Tsū?) is a survival horror video game published by Konami for the PlayStation 2 and developed by Team Silent, a production group within Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo. The game was released in September 2001 as the second installment in the Silent Hill series. An extended version of the game was published for Xbox in December of the same year, containing a short bonus scenario and other minor additions. It was later ported to the Microsoft Windows operating system in 2002. A remastered high-definition version of the game was released for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 in 2012 as part of the Silent Hill HD Collection.

James Sunderland (Guy Cihi) is the protagonist of the main scenario of Silent Hill 2. He comes to the town after receiving a letter from his wife Mary (Monica Taylor Horgan), who died of an illness three years before. While exploring the town, he encounters Maria (also Monica Taylor Horgan), who strongly resembles Mary except for a different personality and clothing; Angela Orosco (Donna Burke), a teenage runaway on a search for her mother; Eddie Dombrowski (David Schaufele), another teenage runaway who was somehow brought to the town; and Laura (Jacquelyn Brekenridge), an eight-year-old who has met and befriended Mary" (Wikipedia, 2015)

"Silent Hill 3 is set in the fictional universe of the Silent Hill series. Seventeen years before the start of Silent Hill 3, Harry Mason defeated a god brought forth by the resident cult of Silent Hill and at the ending, was given a baby girl to care for.The protagonist and player character of Silent Hill 3 is Heather, the teenaged adopted daughter of Harry. Claudia Wolf, the cult's priestess who plans to bring about a paradise on Earth, serves as the game's antagonist. As Heather attempts to unravel the reasons why the cult of Silent Hill is pursuing her, she encounters a private investigator named Douglas Cartland; Vincent, a member of the cult who detests Claudia; and Leonard Wolf, Claudia's abusive father."(Wikipedia, 2015)

I just love these games and can't stop revisiting them through time... my rating is:
4/5 Silent Hill 2
4/5 Silent Hill 3


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