Wednesday, December 01, 2010

By what right…

Who gave our parents the right to control our life and make the decisions in our behalf?? This is the biggest and most annoying thing in my life and I really don't know how to solve it and I couldn't find any solution.

Sometimes I feel that I am in a prison. Every move or every decision in my life I have to share it with them before I take it. Based on them, I don't have the right to do anything before taking their opinion. I can't go out unless they say yes!! If I am going to do something or go somewhere, I have to plan to tell them and how can I take their agreement on what I want. This is really a nightmare and I can't take it anymore. Almost everything is forbidden, cinemas are forbidden, theaters are forbidden, hanging out with friends is forbidden, going out shopping or having a lunch after work is forbidden. Going out for photography is forbidden. And many many other normal staff is forbidden.

The thing is, everybody is doing what it is forbidden for me *_* it is not against our culture or religion. I tried to convince them about my believes but no use… I tried to talk with them but still no use… I just have patience… and I am almost running out of it.
Sometimes, I feel there is no meaning for being alive… and I don't have any purpose in life. My only exit from this nightmare is being at work with my friends.

I hope my life will change one day… I still have hope that day will come… and I will enjoy freedom.


Anna said...

Nina you need to turn around and starting to take control of your life. May be you should be on your own. My mother is like that, I had so much negativity, you would not believe, but I stack with what I wanted. I don't know what else to say, it is hard because its your family. Dear friend I am on your side. Anna :)

Nina said...

I was very upset when I wrote this post and I had to talk about it with someone.

Thank you Anna for your kind words and feelings... I am trying my best to get waht I want and to control my life...

I am very lucky dear for having you on my side ^_^