Sunday, February 01, 2009

I Love Trees

I go often to this place and every time I pass here, I notice this tree. I don’t know why, but I think it is beautiful. So I decided that the next time I pass from here I will take a shot of this tree. I think I love trees ^__^


प्रदिप said...

I hope your life is very fantastic as such tree as well ths place. Nice to read you with your view that it is beautiful.But it seems to be you will have to ditermine why you like and love trees it might be symboyl of Love that may you suffering in the life.
Anyway very romantic meaningful view, Thanks
With bestregards,

Nina said...

Hi my dear friend ^__^
Thank you for your lovely words they made me really happy.

Anna said...

Nina this beautiful photo of the tree. I love trees also, but you know at some point I was photo them so much, that now I get a bit dizzy, lol, but it is true. Anna :)

Nina said...

Hi Anna nice to hear from you my friend
I agree with you I do photo trees soo much and I do get dizzy looool.
Trees have something special... their beauty is different ^_^

Thank you dear Anna