Thursday, November 13, 2008

Chai Karak Tea

I like it when it gets cold and the breeze gently touches my face while I am setting in front of the warm fire making chai karak. Chai karak is a famous tea in Qatar and it is almost everybody favorite drink. I really enjoy that mood in the silent desert and the only thing you can hear is the cracking sound of the woods in the fire. It became more mysterious at night when the darkness surrounds you ^_^


khalifa alzayani said...

i love karak... one of the only things i wait for during desert season, tents and tea infront of the fire. its perfection in a glass.

Tanvir Hussain said...

Love Karak Tea! Wow!!! Sounds really creative! I can imagine the cracking sound of fire in the wood. One must stay away from fire when its cracking.

ca60gregory said...

I wish I could get it in Canada, If you could tell me of any exporter I could contact I would be very grateful!