Wednesday, April 13, 2016

PC Gamer

I just became addicted to videogames again... I used to play video games on playstation and playstation 2 most of my time... I wasn't doing anything other than going to school, doing homework, playing games, eating ,and of course sleeping... I was really addicted. Then I stopped once I got employed and was going far away from gaming...
Once I was able to build my monster PC and bought The Elder Scrolls Skyrim things really changed in my life... I got addicted again... maybe only with Skyrim because I am playing Skyrim all the time... I am not doing anything else.. once I got home from work I just keep playing and playing and lose track of time... I used to read books and watch movies and tv shows and do other things, but now!!! I am really deeply addicted to Skyrim LOL...

I don't know if this is a good thing or bad thing... I feel guilty for not reading... specially for not reading... I look at my bookshelves and I feel the books are looking back at me *_*

Anyways, I can't say that I am really happy with Skyrim... but maybe things will be back to normal once I finish this amazing game.

Thank you very much Bethesda for this amazing action RPG game ^_^

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