Thursday, January 08, 2015

The Walking Dead

I came over this comic on 2012 when I was studying in Oxford, UK. I was browsing comics using Comixology app in my iPad. I read it and I liked it. I started reading one issue after another. I couldn't stop. I was reading four or five issues per day. until I reached the last issue at that time was 111 and I needed to wait for the next issue. The comic was in black and white, but still the way the story goes and the epic events and adventures make you sink in it and feel the urge to read more and more.  

In 2014, I started watching The Walking Dead TV show. it is not following the comic exactly, but still, as a fan of the comic, I like it and I am currently watching season 4. The way they selected the actors to play the characters is excellent. You can see your favorite comic characters alive and in action :)

I give this TV show 9/10

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