Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Books Read on 2011

I didn't read many books during the past year because I was busy studying and preparing for the SAT exam. I was working from 7 to 3 then I go to the training center to attend the SAT course from 4 to 6. After that, I reach home at 6:30. So I spent the rest of my time with my family then I go to bed. So, I was reading on weekends sometimes.

Any ways, these are what I read during 2011:

National Geographic - January 2011

The Soul Collectors - by Chris Mooney

Sister - by Rosamund Lupton

National Geographic - April 2011

Don't Give Up - by Paul Hanna

Arabic Book (سنابل الحكمة لرضا ديب عواضة)

National Geographic - February 2011

Arabic book (اعظم احداث العالم )

7 development projects for microsoft office sharepoint server 2007

Arabic Book (موجز تاريخ العالم)

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