Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What is Nina Doing Now?

Currently, I joined a course to improve my Math skills in order to pass the SAT exam. I started last Sunday and it is going to be for a month and a half because it is two days a week. I am really bad at Math and it really confuse me, but I am trying my best and my tutor is a nice American girl. She is patient and kind and willing to help me to pass the exam. The thing is that I am attending the course after work hours which are 8hr and the course are 2hr so when I get home I am tired and totally exhausted.

Also, I am attending English course for the rest of the week as a preparation for the SAT exam. I got 92% on the English Placement Test and they assigned me for the highest level which is TOEFL, but I refused it because I want something to prepare me for SAT exam not TOEFL. I don’t know what to do really on this matter, but I hope to pass the exam so that I can apply to Carnegie Mellon University.

Wish me luck ^__^

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