Friday, April 09, 2010

Dubai Aquarium

It is one of the largest aquarium in the world and it is located in Dubai Mall. I had the chance to visit it and see how big it is, no it is huge, very huge and amazing. Many kinds of fishes swim there specially sharks ^__^ I saw them very closely.

I got some shots from my visit... I hope you like them.


Anna said...

Wow Nina you got to see the aquarium, this is the one in the tower. You know I read something that it had a leek, hope they fixed it. Thanks for sharing these amazing photographs, nice angles. Hope you are doing well my friend. Anna :)

Nina said...

Hi Anna, I strongly advice you to visit this amazing aquarium if you are planning to visit Dubai ^__^
They fixed the leek ^__^ it is safe now.

Take care my dear.