Monday, September 28, 2009

Safe with Allah

Today, sadness filled my heart after receiving the news about my mother’s aunt. She passed away this afternoon at 2:45 pm. She was very old and sick. And she spent the last month of her life in the hospital. I never had the chance to visit her when she was ill. So, last time I saw her was last year. I feel so sad and guilty for not being near her. She was a kind woman and I always called her Mom.

I wish to see her in the other life and tell her that I love her. may Allah have mercy upon her and make her soul at peace.

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Anna said...

Nina I am sorry to hear about your mother's aunt. Death is part of life, and we have to deal with it one way or the other. Don't feel guilty, one day we will all be re-united. I am sure she understands. Sorry to hear again, my her soul rests in peace. Anna :)