Sunday, May 10, 2009

Watch Any Movie on Google

If you are interested in Hollywood or Bollywood movies, you can watch them online for free ^__^ . Just do the following:

• Go to

• Click on the Video link on the top left.

• Write the movies name and hit search.
• Make sure to select the showed options in the picture and hit search again.

• Select one of the result and note that the video duration must be more than one hour.

• Enjoy ^__^

I hope this was useful. If you have any better ways to watch movies online for free, please feel free to post them in your comment ^___^


Anna said...

Hey Nina you are awesome! Thanks for the headsup. Love reading tech stuff, and learn more everyday. Thanks for sharing my friend, Anna :)

Nina said...

Hi Anna,
How are you my friend? How is the weather in Canada? is it still cold?
Summer has just started here in Qatar and it is too hot ^__^

Thank you my dear for your interest in my post and I am glad you liked it... I will try to post more tech stuff for you ^__^

Take care,


Anna said...

Nina I am doing just fine. Weather is not so bad, it is still cool here, windy and rain, but everything is growing and getting greener around here. Sorry to hear about the heat, I know how it is, I was once in Singapore, wow talking about humid heat too.

I will be then waiting for more tech stuff then. Thanks again my dear. Anna :)