Monday, January 19, 2009

Night Digital Photography Video

Hi there... I am finding difficulty in shooting clear photos at night :( and I really find it annoying. I always wonder why I am not able to shot beautiful and clear photos at night like other photographer??? what am I doing wrong???

So, I started searching the internet for tips and tutorials that might be handy and help me improve my photography skill. Finally, I found this cool and useful video on YouTube from Oreilly webcast and I wanted to share it with you guys ^_^

Happy Photographing!!! ^___^


Anna said...

Nina thanks for sharing. You know I used to get angry, and complain that my camera wasn't good - but you know it is all about the light, you need lots of light, and at night you need to be motionless. Anna :)

Nina said...

You are welcome dear Anna ^__^
Yes I too get very angery and I thought that there is something wrong with my camera and I should replace it with a better one. But what you said is true. It is all about the light ^__^

Thank you Anna. Your comments make me really happy and I enjoy reading them ^__^

Warm regards to you dear one.