Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coaching for Excellence Workshop

Doha Movenpick Hotel

Before two weeks, I had an opportunity to attend a workshop of “Coaching for Excellence”.
This program instructor is Dr. Gerald Groves, President of Interface Management International from Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, USA.

The Benefits of this program:
This program is about developing individuals beyond where they currently are. Coaching is the process of helping people enhance or improve their performance through reflection on how to apply a specific skill and/or knowledge for Coaches.

Topics included in the program are:
1) How to improve yourself as a Coach and Mentor.
2) How to prepare your employees to be better coaches.
3) Coaching models, tools and techniques.
4) How to create a favourable climate for coaching and mentoring success in your department.
5) How to gain employee commitment for performance improvement.
6) Processes which are essential to coaching and mentoring success.
7) How to evaluate coaching success and make corrective actions.
8) How top apply effective coaching techniques in your department.

It was really good workshop and I feel the improvement in my self after this course. and I am planning to attend more courses in management and administration in the future. I really advice you, if you had a chance to take this course, TAKE IT ^_^

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